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Medical Team

Owner, Plastic surgeon

By now Dr. Wallbert has been working in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries industry for more than 35 years... After working within many big clinics, he set up his own in ND. His incredible experience that he contributes daily is what makes our clinic #1!

Senior assistant

As a senior assistant of Dr. Wallbert, Stacy is responsible for a majority of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries that our clinic undertakes. She's a proud magna cum laude medical school graduate. She's not afraid to commit to action and Stacy is a vital part of our team's success!


Though he's been with us just for 2 years and he's still the youngest member of the team, Roger takes part in almost every single surgery that we perform... A Harvard alumnus, he's a a well-educated medic, who's dedicated to being an important wheel in our plastic surgery clinic's machine...

Senior Nurse

Karen is the heart and soul of our post-surgery recovery department. It's thanks to her that a majority of the patients who underwent a surgery get back on their feet so fast. Previously working at the famous Mayo clinic, she's got all the experience that it takes to lead our nursery department.